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Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist
Misa Aikawa House

Misa Aikawa has been a Makeup Artist since 1994. She began as a Makeup Artist in Hiroshima, Japan working at her parent’s photography studio. Growing up in a family of 4th generation photographers, she was able to master the art of photography and beauty makeup.

In 2002, Misa graduated from Elegance International, Hollywood, CA. Trained as a Professional Makeup Artist in various aspects of the field including Film, Theater, Aging, Special Effects, and more.

Elegance International Advisory Board Member.

In 2008, Misa joined the Local 706 Makeup Artists Union. Misa worked on “Zane’s Sex Chronicles” a television series that can be now seen Cinemax.

Misa works with Hakuhodo USA, a makeup brush manufacturer, as a freelance makeup advisor and as a Makeup/Beauty Teacher for monthly classes.

During her time in Hollywood, CA Misa has worked on a variety of projects including Film, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Prints, and more…

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